AT&T opens unlimited data to all customers

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AT&T's said it would still sell the unlimited plan for $100 a month for a single phone. There is no new discount for subscribers who have unlimited plans that had been tagged to DirecTV or U-verse.

AT&T says that starting tomorrow, February 17, its Unlimited Plan will be available to all customers.

Unlimited data customers will be able to turn it off, however.

Confirming analyst speculation from earlier, AT&T (NYSE:T) is introducing a new unlimited-data plan available to all of its postpaid wireless customers (whether consumer or business).

- On Monday, Verizon released their new Unlimited service and when we put up an article about it, you had a lot to say!

Tethering was not included in the previous plan and AT&T is not specifying here if it is or not now. These new customers will get Apple's iPhone 7 for $0 for 18 months when trading in a qualify device, which includes a: Phone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung GS7, GS7 edge, GS6, GS6 edge, Note 5, LG V20, G5, or Moto Droid 2. Moreover, customers on their respective cellular networks could only stream video in lower quality standard definition, rather than HD, at least without paying higher monthly fees.

The $90 pricing requires you sign up for Sprint's automatic payment system (or AutoPay) and is only temporary, going from now until March 31, 2018.

Following Verizon's decision to introduce an unlimited plan once again and T-Mobile upping its plan in response, Sprint has now chose to throw its hat in the ring as well. This comes to me, compliments of T-Mobile, but I'll give you a bit more insight on which columns don't tell the whole story and where Verizon bests T-Mobile. T-Mobile will now stream unlimited video at a minimum 720p as opposed to the YouTube quality 480p it was streaming unlimited video at, on its Binge On plans.