Over 55000 United States bridges are deficient

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Released by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, the report points to more than 1,200 bridges across the state as being structurally deficient.

The number of structurally-deficient-bridges in North Carolina is down, but many in the Charlotte area are still in desperate need of fix.

If placed end-to-end, the nation's deficient bridges would stretch 1,276 miles, or half the distance from NY to Los Angeles, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) said Wednesday.

In 2015 the report said MI had 1,299 bridges that were considered structurally deficient.

The ARTBA report says the estimated cost of needed repairs on Louisiana's 3,217 bridges is $4 billion.

The report says Texas has identified 12,048 bridges in need of fix, which the state estimates would cost about $2 billion.

"It is outdated, overused, underfunded and in desperate need of modernization", Black said.

Five local Virginia bridges made the top 10 list for that state in most-traveled bridges that need fix. New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island all saw increases in their preponderance of problem bridges.

"America's highway network is woefully underperforming". A bridge is classified as structurally deficient and in need of fix if its overall rating is four or below. While these bridges may not be imminently unsafe, their inclusion in the U.S. DOT report indicates that they are in need of attention.

How many times have you driven across a bridge and thought, "What are the chances that this just collapsed under me?" Bridges with one or more key elements in poor condition are deemed structurally deficient.

Eight of the local most-traveled bridges that need help in Maryland were spans in Prince George's County.