Brits are a bunch of Netflix cheaters and they're not even sorry

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Most Canadians surveyed said they didn't plan to cheat, it just happened. That's why 14 percent of survey takers said that Netflix cheating is worse than having an actual affair, which it totally is! It's just TV, and you can always go back and rewatch an episode with your partner. Of the American Netflix cheaters, 63 percent say they would do it again if they thought they could get away with it, and 48 percent report Netflix cheating three or more times. So unsurprisingly, 61 percent of the couples cheat on comedy shows - higher than the global average of 44 percent. In certain countries Netflix adultery is much more grave. Hong Kong is even less forgiving where 40% feel watching ahead of your partner is worse than infidelity.

Though it's a wretched and hateful practice, which we all do, Netflix is leaning in to its reputation as a relationship pressure point, going so far as to release a PSA detailing just HOW to effectively Netflix Cheat on your partner. But, as many Netflix users know, resisting the binge is harder than it sounds.

Dramas are the biggest vice for Netflix cheaters.

The popular streaming service says 46% of streaming couples have admitted they cheated on their significant other by watching their favorite show without their other half. Netflix describes it as watching a TV show ahead of your significant other. And, 58 percent don't consider it cheating if their partner is sleeping. But whether this is even cheating is hotly debated.

In Brazil, the four top temptations for Netflix adultery were The Walking Dead (33 percent of cheaters), Narcos (17 percent), Grey's Anatomy (15 percent), and Better Call Saul or The Flash (tied at 14 percent). Good luck Netflix and chilling this Valentine's Day.