Andrew Puzder´s nomination as US labour secretary `in doubt´

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Andy Puzder, Donald Trump's choice to head up the Department of Labor, has withdrawn his nomination for the position, as reported by the Associated Press and NBC News.

The move is another stinging setback for the new president, whose political party holds the power in both chambers and could easily have approved the nominee on a party line vote in the Senate. After seeing his controversial travel ban blocked by federal courts, Trump lost one of his early key supporters with the forced resignation Monday night of national security advisor Michael Flynn over Flynn's false statements about his December contacts with a Russian diplomat. While no single metric is ideal, they say, the official unemployment rate should be trusted. Senator John Barrasso told reporters only minutes before it happened that all he heard was what he described as "the CNN thing".

Andrew Puzder's bid to become the next Secretary of Labor appeared on the verge of collapse Wednesday, with up to a dozen Republican senators now uncertain whether they'll back the fast-food executive. As late as 2015, Puzder said: "I like our ads". "I was on the platform committee with him at the convention".

Politico reported Puzder announced his withdrawal after Republican senators told White House officials Puzder's nomination would not make it through the Senate. They confirmed HHS Secretary Tom Price despite his investment scandals, radical ideology, fringe associations, and repeated falsehoods during his confirmation hearing.

Puzder's chances further diminished after the disclosure of devastating details about spousal abuse allegations his ex-wife had levied against him decades ago.

On Wednesday, conservative magazine National Review published an op-ed that urged the Senate to vote against Puzder because of his support for guest worker visa programmes and other policies that it claims undercut American workers in favour of foreign ones.

"I am personally - as many people are - deeply troubled by what was in that tape", said Murray, who is the ranking member on the HELP panel.

Puzder is CEO of CKE Restaurants Inc. In a January letter to the Senate Committee, she said she regretted her TV appearance. Fierstein first made the allegations in the couple's divorce papers from 1987. Congressional Democrats tend to take issue with Puzder's stance on overtime pay and the minimum wage standard, but Republican opposition to the nominee is nearly unprecedented, as even Betsy DeVos had only two Republicans opposing her. He once described his restaurant employees as "the best of the worst" and said he would like to replace them with machines because robots don't take vacation or file age, sex or race discrimination cases.

Democrats on the panel who opposed Puzder were vowing to show racy images of bikini-clad models eating hamburgers that appeared in television commercials run by his restaurant chains. At Hardee's we were getting the worst of the worst.

"A corporate culture grounded in objectifying women has no place in our government", she said.