You can soon get married at a Taco Bell wedding chapel

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Though fans have been bringing Taco Bell to the wedding for some time, this is the first time the wedding is being officially brought to Taco Bell.

Beginning this summer, couples will be able to hold their weddings at Taco Bell's Cantina flagship restaurant, which opened last fall in Las Vegas. By my math, that is approximately 210 quesaritos - depending on tax at your location, of course. Lucky couples who get engaged on Valentine's Day now have a new venue to consider for their nuptials: Taco Bell. You may be asking yourself and you're right - there's nothing that would effectively ban you from putting on a tux or wedding dress, grabbing your significant other (also appropriately attired), and exchanging vows while the smell of frying chalupas fills the air.

This week, Taco Bell is positioning itself for a little "love action" with its Las Vegas Cantina flagship site adding weddings to the menu by summer, according to a news release.

Taco Bell is partnering with Las Vegas-based Flora Pop, which specializes in traveling pop-up weddings. At least you'll have a ridiculous story to keep going back to years down the road. Usually that means flower-strewn desert locals, but Taco Bell certainly counts as "anywhere".

What does the wedding package include?

Until Feb. 26, couples looking to make their wedding more hot than mild can enter the "Love and Tacos Contest and Happily Ever Crashers Sweepstakes" through Twitter or Instagram.

"I love that we are taking Taco Bell all the way to wedding bells", Marisa Thalberg, Taco Bell's chief marketing officer said.