Valentine's Day has gory roots in history, folk tales

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According to, 15 percent of the women polled ranked "Cheap Flowers" as the #2 most disappointing Valentine's Day gift, after "Cheap Underwear". Then take yourself on a shopping spree for some new fabulous item, an indulgence you deserve for being so magnanimous, and can afford since you've saved on legal fees by not fighting. I'd been conned by the 14th February before I'd even had the chance to discover it's a capitalist con. What are you doing with your loved one for Valentine's Day? With today's Technology and Social Network, you can send your message to your Valentine with Facebook, WhatsApp or even with a Text message. Many others are, in my opinion, irrationally upset when they feel they have nobody to share the day with.

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Dorsey added, "I never liked the saying, 'keep Christ in Christmas, ' but we can certainly try to keep love in Valentine's Day". It would be more interesting to know that how the people we like to watch on the screens celebrates this auspicious occasion of love.

Every Valentine's Day reminds me of the love I have for Linda and how much she means to me. Apparently Claudius believed single men or rather soldiers who weren't romantically attached, made better soldiers than those who were married. When the emperor got to know about his act, he executed Valentine for his act. Valentine's Day is a day to recognize, appreciate and celebrate the magical thing we call love. "I like to think of it as a day spent with people closest to us, whether it's our family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend". Real or not, the stories told about him certainly fall within the theme of love that resonates with the current definition of Valentine's Day.

For many women it means a day when your spouse or significant other had better come up with something special for us, whether it be a gift or a romantic night out. Happy Valentine's Day to the man of my dreams!

14 February is celebrated in the honour of St Valentine who was a Roman priest, martyred in AD 269 and buried on the Via Flaminia. Ask you, Girl/Boy, to "be my Valentine" and add him/her in your lovely life. My boyfriend and I don't do much, we usually just take it in turns to cook something nice and make each other tacky cards, but I don't think being prompted by the calendar to show some affection to each other is ever a bad thing. I just don't want a card or bouquet of cut flowers. If rendezvous in the kitchen is not what you are looking out for then you can order-in and simply curl up in your bed with a good book.

Ahhhh-a day for celebrating love.

For decades, the stereotypical image of Valentine's Day has been of a frazzled husband running through the supermarket in search of a last-minute bouquet of roses.

Which, if it works, will have you facing the stress of Valentine's Day as a couple, once again, this time next year.