'The Bachelor' episode 8 preview: Who confronts Nick Viall at hometown dates?

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Season 21 of ABC's The Bachelor got even stranger last week when Nick Viall cried, took his ball and went home. One contender is Liz, the one who slept with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding and wouldn't stop talking about it.

Everyone was still reeling from Nick's emotional outburst the evening before, including Nick, who needed Chris Harrison's guidance in order to figure out how to fix the mess he caused with the women. She took her top off, had Nick lick whipped cream off her chest, straddled him in the bouncy house, tried to hook up with him, and more. "I'm going to sneak over and see him". That meant that Rachel would get the other one-on-one!

Because this is Bachelor Nation, this could also be a completely random person.maybe it's Chad, here to talk to Nick about protein shakes and Bachelor in Paradise.

Now in a cheery mood, Nick announced that the cocktail party and rose ceremony would be canceled.

Vanessa received the first date card, which read, "Let's go deeper". "For me nothing physical was going to happen, because I had to focus on the other relationships, but I wanted to make sure that Corinne didn't feel like she made a mistake". Vanessa scored a one-on-one date with Nick, complete with swimming and dockside candlelit dinner.

Steve goes on to say that Vanessa's fans will say that the fight transpired because Rachel was jealous of Vanessa's connection with Nick, but he says that's not the case and that it "just means during the eight weeks the show films she [Vanessa] wasn't at that liked by the others".

Corinne Olympios defines the villain everyone loves to hate on this drama-filled season of "The Bachelor". "This is all I care about", Corinne says. Chris Harrison reluctantly comes out of hibernation to join Nick on the beach to talk about feelings and he seems very uncomfortable to be outside in the sunshine.

DeGeneres was impressed with Nick after he sent Corinne away following a date he had with another girl.

The women and Nick filed onto their boat before stripping down to their bathing suits and lathering on sunscreen. I think you picked Corinne'.

How it came up: Both badger state references came on Nick's date with Germantown native Danielle Maltby. Regardless, they all jumped into the water. She probably figures if she's going to go home this week, she wants to go out with a bang - literally.

That night, Kristina kept it real when Nick over-explained why he had such a hard time with sending Danielle L. home.

Meanwhile, Corinne stress-ate a pound of cheese and became increasingly jealous of Kristina.

Siblings and nannies aside, Nick has another crucial decision to make ahead of next week's all-telling hometown dates: Where he stands with Danielle. She and Nick bike around the island, sampling treats and playing basketball with some local kids who I hope were appropriately compensated for their time and feigned interest. "I'm scared I might be going home". Who confronts Nick on The Bachelor?

My adopted team brought their A-game on last night's episode. He said that his heart feels like he knows so much about her, but really his head is telling him there's still a lot that he doesn't know. That's not how Corinne took it, though, and it left her a little uncertain about her future with him. Nick's face dropped in response because he is awful at hiding emotions.