Carpool Karaoke: The Series trailer teases some weird pairings

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While viewers of the 59th Annual Grammy Awards were recovering from Beyonce's spectacular performance, Apple Music slipped in a commercial for the new Carpool Karaoke series. It featured original host James Corden and several other celebrities, including Ariana Grande, John Legend and Will Smith, according to The Verge. We can now piece together that Eichner's involvement in that viral moment was tied to the new series. Music in general is what the Late Late Show host has become known for, and in a very good way.

Apple Music now offers, apart from a broad and diverse musical library, in-depth featurettes on musical artists in the style of documentaries, and the company is reportedly tapping veterans to acquire rights for scripted programs, and eventually produce original content itself, like Netflix and Amazon Video. The "Carpool Karaoke" squad, of course, welcomed her to the bit with open arms, because she's Blue Ivy and she is just too cute for words.

In the one minute trailer, you can see retired National Football League great and TV personality Michael Strahan with NASCAR's Jeff Gordon and members of Metallica with comedian Billy Eichner.

Carpool Karaoke comes to Apple Music later this year.

In the 16-episode series, each segment will incorporate various celebrities taking part in weird activities like cryotherapy, wedding crashing, and shooting hoops.

Although Corden previously told Vulture that he would see what he could do about fitting Carpool Karaoke into the Grammys, it was nearly a given that he'd be able to.