Amazon now has its own video conferencing service called Chime

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These include a visual roster of all the participants in a meeting, and also the ability to mute anyone who has distracting background noise interrupting the call. Its cloud computing product Amazon Web Services is relied upon by plenty of businesses, especially those with a large web presence.

In addition, users can call into a Chime conference call using a regular phone number, in the event they can't access the service's app for one reason or another.

Launched today, Chime will compete with Skype for Business and WebEx, putting Amazon on the map for yet another business.

It is yet to see whether users will appreciate the new video conferencing tool as much as the company is expecting.

Beyond VoIP calling and video messaging, Chime includes virtual meetings, allowing users to host or join a remote meeting through the service. The move indicates that the online retail giant is pretty serious towards making its mark in the video conferencing industry.

Jeff Barr, AWS's chief evangelist, said in a blog post that this is a new kind of unified communications service that will make meetings more efficient than ever before. And, if a user is running behind, they can click the "running late" button to let the other meeting attendees know they are being held up. Announced on Tuesday, Amazon Chime allows users to start or join audio and video meetings on iOS, Android, or desktop.

"Amazon is slowly amassing a digital workplace portfolio", Elliot says, adding that Amazon's enterprise application offerings aren't almost as well known or established as Microsoft or Google's, yet. Available in three versions, Basic (free), Plus and Pro, the most expensive of which is $15 per user, per month.

For that, you get meetings of up to 100 people with the ability to share screens, schedule meetings, record both audio & video - and connect in existing conference room video systems.

For the ones who want to try the Pro Edition for their business, the service is available for a 30-day trial so that you can decide if it's worth the sweat.

'We normally have to proactively push adoption for new tools to employees, but after starting a pilot of Amazon Chime, we quickly saw interest grow, with internal adoption now reaching 90 percent of our corporate staff without any formal rollout or training'.