Chinese soldier returns home after spending five decades in India

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A non-combatant, he was captured during the Sino-Indian war 1962.

Following the media uproar, Chinese diplomats visited Wang's home, according to BBC Hindi.

"In recent years, Chinese embassy to India had kept in close touch with Wang Qi and made relentless efforts to help him return to China, including pushing the Indian side on exit and entry procedures for him", Lu was quoted saying.

Since his emotional reunion on Saturday in Xian with his brothers and sister, Wang has been swept up in a whirl of media attention and feted by the government.

Since touching down in China, Wang's every move has been closely followed by Chinese state media as his homecoming became the biggest news story of the weekend in China.

Seven years and several different jails later in 1969, a court granted his release and he was taken to the far-flung village of Tirodi in Madhya Pradesh state.

The name of the man is Wang Qi, who shared his story of being caught in India in 1963. "We bought the furniture in this room many years ago".

Vishnu spoke of his father's joy at reuniting with his brothers, who last saw him as a young 20-year-old. He couldn't stop crying, ' Vishnu said. I'm also so happy, that for the first time he has been able to come here'.

The family's only regret was Wang being unable to see his mother.

Wang told the Global Times that he wanted to return to connect his Indian family with his roots in China as he entered his advanced years. He was never granted citizenship and was given a Chinese passport in 2013.

The Chinese and Indian governments had confirmed reports that they were collaborating on ensuring his return to China, five decades after he crossed the border.

Wang, after his case was highlighted in a riveting tale by the BBC, was finally given the necessary documents to leave and to stay for good in China, if he wished.

While the Chinese government has provided visas for his family to visit China, India has provided a re-entry visa for Wang to return if he chooses to.

Today (Saturday) after almost 50 years, Wang and his Indian family members arrived at Beijing's International Airport to an emotional reunion with his Chinese relatives. They also greeted the couple at a reception at a hotel in west Mysuru.David, who works at a trading company in China, fell in love with Wang, his colleague.

For the Chinese government, Wang Qi's long-awaited return to China presents the flawless ending to a complex story that has received wide attention.