Saturday Night Live's Take on Kellyanne Conway Demonstrates the Show's Sharp Edge

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As a take on the character, it's light years more developed in sophistication and edge than the show's first gloss, whereby born provocateur Conway was actually frustrated by her freewheeling boss and trying to clean up his messes.

Once again, Kate McKinnon does Conway no favors, playing her like the unhinged madwoman that many of her opponents paint her to be.

The video show's Conway going to any length, and we mean any length, to get back on CNN with Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) including a little light stalking.

"You're sick, Kellyanne!" he shouts at her, before she pulls out a knife and teases him with how many "clicks" he'll get if she comes on. "What was I supposed to do?" You weren't answering my calls, you changed your number ... "But I miss the news. I want to feel that hot, black mic pressed up against my skin", she tells Tapper in the steamy pre-taped sketch. He offers other CNN programming opportunities for her to appear on. "I'll do something else". What if I do a free commercial for Ivanka's shoes, live on air?

I have an office in the fucking White House.

"Conway had claimed in multiple media interviews that the nonexistent "Bowling Green massacre" justified Trump's travel ban, although she's since said that she "misspoke". However, she creepily resurrects herself before telling Jake she still has three more lives.