Wind Blows Tractor-Trailer Over Wyoming Highway Patrol Vehicle

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Due to the high winds, a truck driving by tipped over and onto one of the patrol cars.

Dramatic video has captured the moment strong winds caused a truck driving down a U.S. highway to topple over onto a patrol auto. There was nobody in the cruiser that was crushed, as the officers were assisting someone else, per CBS4.

They wrote: "This event occurred on February 7 near Elk Mountain, Wyoming on Interstate 80".

He says the highway was closed to lightweight, high-profile vehicles because of the wind, and the driver was cited.

On Wednesday two Wyoming state troopers were parked on the side of Interstate 8o about 60 miles west of Laramie when a semi truck pulling two trailers approached. Hopefully this video illustrates why, ' the agency's Facebook post reads.

Both troopers were away from their vehicles and weren't hurt.

The video has been viewed 709,000 times and has 27,800 shares.

The dash came video was released by the Wyoming Highway Patrol to remind motorists to follow high wind advisories.