Trumpagator? Orange gator spotted in the Lowcountry catches national attention

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The appearance of an alligator in a Hanahan neighborhood is becoming a hot talker on social media because of its orange color.

One said: "I guess he used too much self tanner?".

That's because there have been recent sightings of a tangerine-colored alligator in SC.

State Department of Natural Resources officials told WCSC, a Greenville news station, that the orange color could represent where the reptile has been living during the winter months, possibly somewhere with rust.

The 4.5-foot long gator first gained attention when a picture of it was featured in a post on the Tanner Plantation and Foster Creek Community Facebook page.

Technically more of a clay or a reddish brown, it this has not stopped locals nicknaming the beast "Trumpogator" - a reference to US President Donald Trump, whose "orange" skin tone has been the subject of much discussion.

"Probably chalk it up to some environmental factor like algae or maybe even some pollutant in the water, but it's hard to say".

Herpetologist Josh Zalabak offered one possible explanation for the unusual coloring of the reptile.

Scientists say the alligator will shed its skin as they routinely do and likely return to a normal shade in a short while.

"He would make for some real pretty boots, though", posted one person.

"It would not be a new species, just a genetic anomaly if it were naturally orange", he said.