Call of Duty 2017 Will Return to Franchise's "Roots"

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That suggests a return to the World War II setting of the first three Call of Duty titles.

First Activision claimed the title as the best-selling video game in 2016 in North America (according to NPD Group) with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Don't forget to check with MobileNApps for more "Call of Duty" 2017 updates and latest news. This is music to the ears of gamers that were incredibly disappointed to what Infinite Warfare brought to the table.

PlayStation has announced that from February 12 through February 25, you can pick up the new slim PS4 system with Uncharted 4 or Call of Duty Infinite Warfare for the price of $249.99. While PC isn't the most popular platform for Call of Duty games, it does suggests that whatever interest players had in Infinite Warfare was fleeting.

Earlier today, Activision held their fourth quarter earnings report, where they managed to confirm the release window for Destiny 2. Activision Blizzard noted that it earned $3.6 billion from in-game sales in 2016. What Activision did say is that they're moving to a more "traditional" form of combat.

Along comes Sledgehammer Games to drop the 2017 portion of Call of Duty.

Digital card game "Hearthstone" continued to grow, and a significant paid expansion for subscription-based MMO "World of Warcraft" boosted player numbers and therefore revenue.

The game is being made by Sledgehammer, as Thomas mentioned.

Having said that, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg was quick to point out that the next CoD game was greenlit "over two years ago" so the assumption is very much a speculative one. But, fear not, because during Activision Blizzard's Q4 Earnings Call, the company confirmed that they will be returning to their roots in 2017. If the last twelve years are any indication, we won't have to wait too long to get our hands on it. Let us know in the comments. DICE pulled off a similar shift in setting for last year's Battlefield 1, and the game went on to become a huge hit. The series will not continue with jetpack usage or a setting similar to Infinite Warfare in 2017.