Rocket League Getting Hot Wheels Downloadable Content

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Psyonix, the developer and publisher of Rocket League has announced that it plans to invest over $2.5 million ( R34 Million) into its Rocket League eSports programs in 2017.

Rocket League has teamed up with Hot Wheels to include some classic toys in the vehicle-based sports game.

As part of the Hot Wheels update, new Hot Wheels customisation items will be included which are free for everyone. Additionally, each auto comes with six exclusive decals, most with the Hot Wheels logo and/or flames. Yep, Hot Wheels cars will be coming to the game on February 21 so we can all live our childhood dreams of whizzing round in the Bone Shaker or the Twin Mill III.

Each auto will be sold separately for around £2, check 'em out in the gallery below.

After yesterday's Rocket League Championship Series "Season 3" news, we've barely had chance to cool our wheels when even more rather splendid Rocket League news has landed on our doorsteps. Thus, on 21 February, all players of Rocket League can unlock new antennas, flags and hats.

You can also see how these vehicles look in action, as Psyonix has released a new trailer of Hot Wheels for Rocket League. They'll be available in eight different flavors and come housed in their very own Rocket League ball.