Mother Pleads Guilty To Murder Of Three Children

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A mother pleaded guilty on Monday to murdering three of her children and attempting to kill another by plunging her auto into an Australian lake.

Akon Guode, 37, killed one-year-old Bol and four-year-old twins Hanger and Madit in Melbourne in 2015.

The mother of seven entered a guilty plea for the attempted murder of her surviving daughter, court officials said.

Despite the fact that the mother stated that she was dizzy when the accident happened multiple witnesses stated that they heard the car's engine operating at full throttle and the auto taking a very sharp turn.

Shortly after the deaths, the witness told authorities Guode said she drove the vehicle into the lake, but that "the husband's other wife had used witchcraft on her".

At the time of the incident a number of passersby and emergency crew reportedly tried desperately to save the children, who were unable to swim.

A harrowing emergency call from one witness was played during a court hearing a year ago.

After moving closer to the scene, she said: "They are floating, they are floating in the water".

But another witness told the court Guode said she would rather kill herself and the children than see the kids live with Manyang and his wife, the Australian Standard reported.

Guode has been put under custody until her next court appearance on 31 January. Guode arrived in Australia from South Sudan in 2008.