Steve Harvey Just Met With The Donald

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"He realizes that he needs some allies in that department, and he seemed really honest about it".

What do U think of Donald Trump and Steve Harvey's meeting of the mind (s)??

In a Daily Beast interview last February, Harvey said he liked Trump personally and said he was "exciting for politics", but did not endorse him.

What the world needs now: A thrice-married comedian and daytime talk show host who made racist jokes about Asians has been assigned to help the White House solve issues in America's poor neighborhoods. "I did what I was supposed to do".

"We're going to team up and see if we can bring some positive change in the inner cities", Harvey said. Following his closed meeting with Donald Trump, 70, the talk show host disclosed some of the topics of their discussion and even revealed that the two bonded.

Harvey, who turns 60 on Tuesday, endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton past year and came under fire over allegations his staff provided her advance questions before a February interview on his radio show. "You don't kill [worries about Trump and his cabinet] with one conversation, but you can start it with a conversation". They discussed housing and mentoring programs for inner cities youths.

"He seemed really honest", he said of Trump. We talked a lot about golf and people we knew and people in common.

Harvey said that he will not be attending the inauguration, noting that he will be traveling next week after turning 60 on Tuesday. The Trumps being on 'Family Feud?' Against the Obamas? "If I could set it up, it would be skyrocketing for the ratings", he laughed.