Snapchat Gets Universal Search

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Snapchat, which has often been called hard to navigate for older users, says that it added the new search functionalities for speed and ease.

The search field is situated at the top of the screen and will be accessible from anywhere within the Snapchat app, allowing for quick access to contacts and publisher content.

According to Snapchat, the search bar interface change is designed for speed, allowing users to find content quickly.

Brands, businesses, and influencers will probably be benefitting from this as they try to build an audience within the app since it is now easier for users to find and discover them. The feature was launched on Friday for selected users on Android OS and will be available to all iOS and Android devices soon.

The universal search opens up new doors to revenue opportunities as well.

CIOL Snapchat launches universal search bar for better navigation

The new search bar simplifies everything; with it, you can jump straight to your own profile by tapping your Bitmoji on the left. Overall, the universal search bar sounds like a very welcome addition for users and for Snapchat's parent company, Snap.

Previously, you could only search for specific conversations, accounts to follow, and Stories or Discover channels, but all in different places. Tapping any of the cards on this screen will start a conversation with that user, while tapping and holding a card brings up a mini profile.

You'll also be able to see in your profile your "best friends" that you Snap with often. Users will no more have to choose a particular Our Story to submit but rather they just have to opt in to Snapchat's feature of being able to use their posts as it needs.

Despite Snapchat's surging popularity, the one black mark against it has been how hard the messaging application is to navigate, and its new search bar is a big step toward remedying that issue.