Six new charges laid against former Ontario nurse accused of killing seniors

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Canadian authorities are investigating the possibility that a former long-term care nurse who allegedly murdered eight residents may have harmed or killed other patients as well.

The fresh details come as Wettlaufer is set to appear Friday in a court in Woodstock, Ont. Court documents allege Wettlaufer injected the six new alleged victims with insulin.

"As far as we're concerned, he's a monster", Laura Jackson told CTV.

Wettlaufer was charged last October with eight counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of residents at nursing homes in Woodstock and London.

Police previously said that the eight initial victims likely died after they were administered a drug, though they have not elaborated on the specifics.

Police say the latest charges involve four residents of Caressant Care, one resident of Telfer Place in nearby Brant County, Ontario and one resident who lived in a private residence in Oxford County, Ontario.


The former nurse, who has been in custody since late October, looked out silently at the public benches where friends and family of some of her alleged victims Saturday.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Police identified the new victims at Caressant Care as Clotilde Adriano, 87, Albina Demedeiros, 90, Wayne Hedges, 57, and Michael Priddle, 63.

Four of the six have since died, but police say their causes of death are not attributed to Wettlaufer. Her case was put over to February 15 after a Crown lawyer updated the court on the new charges.

Revera Inc., which owns Telfer Place, said they were shocked at the allegations, but that the alleged victim is still a resident in their care and is doing well.

Before she was arrested, Wettlaufer entered into a peace bond as police feared she would "commit a serious personal injury". She will be back in court February 15, by video.