Police Announce Kidnapped Baby Found Alive 18-Years Later

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A baby girl kidnapped from a Jacksonville hospital hours after her birth has been found alive and well, 18 years later, in SC.

Kamiyah Mobley was taken hours after being born on July 10, 1998, from University Medical Center, which is now UF Health Jacksonville.

Gloria Williams, 51, has been arrested in connection with the abduction.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said that Mobley's biological mother is "elated" to hear her daughter was found alive and well.

The young woman's name of 18 years has not been revealed to protect her identity.

Eighteen years after the crime was first committed, Jacksonville police have announced that a newborn stolen from a Florida hospital has been found alive in SC. He couldn't say if there will be a reunion, which will be up to the 18-year-old.

Gloria Williams will be extradited to Florida, authorities said, and she faces up to life in prison.

"It is as complicated an investigation as you can imagine", he said.

According to the Charley Project, there were no photographs of Kamiyah so police asked the public to be vigilante for a baby with an umbilical hernia, like a raised belly button, and bruising on her buttocks.

Nurses at the hospital thought the woman was a member of the Mobley family, The Florida Times-Union reported. Her biological family was contacted Friday.

Ms Mobley provided a swab of her cheek for DNA analysis that proved the match, the sheriff said.

The Sheriff said he did not know when Kamiyah would reach out to her birth family.

Officials said they took DNA of the girl in SC and compared it to the DNA that was taken when she was a newborn. Missing child resources, tips and Kamiyah Mobley's own suspicions helped lead the authorities to her location, Williams said. "They've taken footprints from 15 babies and have done DNA testing on two others".

A massive search ensued after she was taken as a baby, with helicopters circling the hospital and the city on high alert.