Kidman says U.S. has to support Trump

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Nicole Kidman is a dual citizen of both Australia and the US, and believes that Americans need to stand behind Donald Trump when he's sworn in as president next week.

"I'm always reticent to start commenting politically". "And we as a country need to support whoever the president is, because that's what the country's based on". She's "very, very committed to women's issues", she told BBC Two.

Kidman acknowledged, however, that she's previously been hesitant to speak out politically in either country.

Actress Nicole Kidman arrives at the 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California December 11, 2016. She regularly fundraises for groups that support women's health initiatives that fight breast and ovarian cancer. "I love watching them grow and the things they say and teach".

It is likely Kidman is speaking out now because of Meryl Streep's impassioned speech during the Golden Globes, while Kidman sat in the audience.

Calling on the public to move on from the controversies surrounding his election she added: "Whatever, however, that happened, he's there and let's go". Kidman holds duel Australian and American citizenship.

Kidman says she's active in women's issues.

With Tennessee voting for Trump in a huge landslide, giving him 61.1% of the vote over Hilary, it is clear that most of Kidman and Urban's neighbors were more than likely Trump supporters.

And Kidman isn't the only celebrity who has voiced the hope that Trump will do what's best for America.