New Uber integration lets you book & track rides without leaving Google Maps

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And to even further solidify its integration with Uber, Google is testing a new feature that would allow you to book, complete, and pay for an Uber ride, all from within Google Maps.

Google has added features upon features to Google Maps, slowly integrating everything you need to travel in one single app. A year after Google Maps added a ride services mode to its popular app, it's making yet another improvement that will make it simpler still for you to hop in a vehicle, bound for your next adventure.

Today, Google said Maps users can hail ride a without ever having to leave the app using either Uber or Lyft. The difference is that now when you select one of the Uber options you'll no longer be whisked away to the Uber app. All that you need to do is sign into your Uber account within Google Maps. The Google Maps integration means you can quickly look at information about your Uber ride destination while you are riding. You can also see promos and special offers in this view.

Uber makes it relatively easy for developers to build this kind of integrations into their apps.

The Google Maps updates are now rolling out on the App Store and Google Play. Originally, you had to switch back to the Uber app to monitor a ride and view your payment.

According to Google's blog post, when opening the updated version of Google Maps under the ride-sharing tab, users will be able to see all the Uber and Lyft options in their area and compare costs.