Kardashian West robbery: First suspect under formal investigation

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The men, including a 63-year-old known as Yunice A, are facing charges of armed robbery in an organised gang, kidnapping and criminal association. The man was officially charged on Thursday (January 12).

The brother of Kim Kardashian West's chauffeur is among four people charged in Paris over the £8m armed robbery involving the star.

While news of the arrests offers some hope for justice, TMZ reports police have said to the star it's unlikely she'll ever see her jewels again. Investigators have also found the DNA of one suspect, Aomar Ait Khedache, a 60-year-old Algeria-born French citizen, at the scene, it added.

Kardashian must feel some relief after 17 suspects were arrested earlier this week in alleged connection with the crime.

A source close to the family claims there has been some history of West being erratic with his medication.

Over the weekend, paparazzi descended on the 39-year-old rapper as he jumped into his vehicle after celebrating Blue Ivy's fifth birthday at Jay Z and Beyonce's home in LA.

Three suspects in the Kim Kardashian West heist have been released, the Paris prosecutor's office confirmed on Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian is renowned for being one of the worst criers of all time and her cry face has been a viral sensation for as long as we can remember.

Kardashian took a three-month hiatus from social media following her Paris robbery in October, where she was held at gunpoint in her hotel.

"They were focused on making it a fun Christmas for the kids", a source said of how Kim and Kanye interacted with each other over the Holiday period.

In the Kardashian case, that gives police until Friday morning to decide whether to release those who remain in custody or decide they have enough information to justify formal investigation.