French far-right leader Le Pen at Trump Tower; 'no meetings'

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Marine Le Pen, an alarming person who would like to lead France into far-right nationalism and xenophobia, is in NY.

Le Pen's campaign chief of staff David Rachline had said earlier that this was a "private" visit to NY.

Le Pen is, however, a big fan of Mr. Trump's - she was one of the first foreign leaders to congratulate him on Election Night in November.

Le Pen is expected to present her full presidential agenda during a convention on February 4.

Her visit to the U.S. less than a month before she is set to launch her official presidential campaign was not publicly announced and her chief of staff called it a "private visit", according to Bloomberg.

Rachline told French Express magazine that no meeting was planned, but that if the Trump team requests one, she will be glad to accept.

Ms Le Penn now holds a narrow lead in opinion polls ahead of the first round of voting in France's presidential election, which takes place in April.

Asked by journalists if she was there to meet Trump, she refused to respond. Asked by White House pool reporters whether she was there to meet Trump and whether she was there in a professional or personal capacity, she declined to answer.

When Trump was elected Le Pen sent out a congratulatory tweet before the result was even confirmed. "We don't communicate about private visits".

Le Pen, who leads in the latest opinion poll for the presidency, is making a private visit to NY, her campaign chief of staff, David Rachline, said in a text-message exchange. Today, LePen showed up at Trump Tower.

If it is indeed a publicity move, she wouldn't be the first far-right European politician to use a Trump Tower visit for prominence. She has openly supported Trump's policies for the U.S. calling him "a sign of hope" for European anti-establishment politicians in a press conference this month.

And perhaps her wish has come true.