Driveway Ticket Sparks Outrage For Michigan Man

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What right to the cops have to tell a man he can't try to warm up his vehicle on his own property? Frustrated with the ticket, he posted a photo on Facebook where he racked up thousands of comments and shares.

"I was there for maybe seven or eight minutes before I noticed the ticket", he told CBS Detroit, noting that he was at his girlfriend's house to drop off diapers for her young son.

"I had no clue it was even a law", he said.

Berlin won't drop the ticket and said he's annoyed about Taylor's "disparaging comments" to the officer, who ticketed the father of one for doing something he and probably anyone has thought to do since Margaret Wilcox patented a vehicle heater in 1893.

"Did you see the disparaging comments made about my officer?"

Police Chief James Berlin said they issue the fines as it can be unsafe as the auto can get stolen: "We have five to ten cars stolen this way every winter". "There's also the danger of a high-speed chase". Berlin said the police officer was following protocol when issuing the ticket. "The officer waited an extended period of time".

Taylor estimates that he left the auto in the driveway for five to seven minutes. Almost 45,000 cars stolen in 2014 had keys inside, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. There is no state law against leaving your auto turned on and unattended, but dozens of cities across MI have local ordinances. "She tried to stop the suspect and was run over", Berlin said, adding that once the suspect realized there were children in the vehicle, he jumped out of the auto too but left it in gear. "That's an example of how fast this can occur and how catastrophic the consequences can be".

Taylor Trupiano was amazed to come out to his motor, which he had running in the early morning to heat it up.

Berlin said the judge will decide the outcome of Trupiano's case. "That's why we have judges".