CIA Pick Mike Pompeo Vows No Return of US Torture Program

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CIA leaders in the seventh-floor suites of the agency's headquarters in Langley, Va., are bracing for a confrontation after Trump's team enters the White House next week.

"Burr and I have committed to conduct a review of the intelligence supporting the Intelligence Community's assessment that Russian Federation, at the direction of President Vladimir Putin-" Warner said around 10:14 a.m. local time, and the outage took place.

President-elect Donald Trump's nominee to head the Central Intelligence Agency wants to create a massive surveillance database by resurrecting a US telephone records collection program, but some senators questioned what limits he would accept.

This morning, CIA director nominee and Kansas representative Mike Pompeo testified in front of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Pompeo, however, has previously criticized President Obama for outlawing waterboarding and as recently as 2014 claimed such techniques used by the Central Intelligence Agency to interrogate suspected terrorists were constitutional. The hearing was moved to a different building. Mark Warner's opening statement.

"Everything I've seen suggests it is an analytical product that is sound", Pompeo said of the report.

Trump said Wednesday for the first time that he believed Russian Federation was responsible for hacking Democratic Party computers, but he denied the subsequent leaks of thousands of emails were meant to boost his chances. Mr. Pompeo is a former Army officer who graduated first in his class from West Point. As a candidate, he dismissed the Geneva Conventions as "out of date", vowed to "take out" terrorists' families, and when asked in February whether or not the United States would "chop off heads" of detainees under Trump's policy, he didn't answer directly.

As a member of Congress, Pompeo opposed the Iran deal created to curtail the nation's ability to develop nuclear weapons.

"It's pretty clear" that Russian Federation was involved, Pompeo responded.

"I promise you I will pursue the facts wherever they take us... with respect to this issue and with respect to every other issue", he said. "I'll always comply with the law", he said.

On Wednesday, Rex Tillerson, the secretary of state nominee, had also expressed views at odds with Trump on key foreign policy issues like nuclear proliferation, trade deals, climate change and relations with Mexico.

He told the committee Thursday, however, that as CIA director he would make the transition from a partisan, policymaking lawmaker to an objective intelligence collector. Pompeo has opposed efforts to curtail the National Security Agency in the past but said he would uphold the law as CIA director.

Pompeo was introduced to the committee by U.S. Sen.