Jamie Foxx breaks silence on restaurant attack reports

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The actor took to Instagram to set the record straight about reports he was attacked at a Hollywood restaurant on Saturday night by feigning a black eye and saying he was just messing with everyone.

According to TMZ, one of Foxx's friends responded with "F*** you, I'm from Oakland!" and then the man lunged at Foxx. The offender and the rest of his group were kicked out of Catch for the confrontation while Jamie and his friends were able to continue enjoying their evening.

And Jamie Foxx has responded to the reports in the best possible way, taking to social media to share a amusing video of his "injuries". "But if you want to see my whoop some ass, you know what you can do".

This is when the situation reportedly got insane with some witnesses claiming the man lunged at Foxx, grabbed him, and pulled him down onto a table.

"All I was trying to do man, was keep my eye on things", he added.

The witness told TMZ, who has grainy images and dark footage of the chaotic squabble, that Jamie won the battle, turning the guy around, putting him in a choke hold and taking him down. I know y'all heard about this s**t and saw some videos.

"I'm just f*****g with y'all, man".

Foxx also explained that he doesn't want any violence in 2017.

The fight marred what seemed like a great evening for the actor, whose new movie Sleepless is out Friday.

Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay were at the next table when the tiff broke out.