Apologise or will deny visa, India tells Amazon

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Two vendors, Mayers Flag Doormats and XLYL sell Indian flag themed doormats.

We had discovered that the doormats on sale were offered by a seller based out of Austria. As a result, she said no travel visas will be granted to members of the company.

Reuters reported that Amazon's Canadian portal sells doormats fashioned around other national flags, but under Indian law any desecration of its flag is punishable with fines and imprisonment. More importantly, Indians have an emotional attachment to the tricolour and see it as the unifying symbol for which numerous nation's fearless sons and daughters laid down their lives and continue to do so.

In case, Amazon does not take necessary action, none of its official will be granted Indian visas and ones issued earlier will also be rescinded, the minister said in a series of tweets. Past year in June, Amazon had drawn flak in India after doormats with images of Indian gods were found to be on sale on Amazon.com - the USA site. "They must withdraw all products insulting our national flag immediately", Sushma Swaraj tweeted.

Products having national flags are common overseas. "This is unacceptable. Please take this up with Amazon at the highest level".

The doormat controversy was not the only thing dogging Amazon's Canadian division on Wednesday. Amazon had later removed these items from its website. However it's common to have products with national flags on them in other countries, U.S. is popular to have the national flags on all sorts of products including, towels and even underwears.