Jeff Sessions: KKK-costumed protesters interrupt attorney general confirmation hearing

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It's the first day of Senate confirmation hearings for Sen. Franken cited a January 3 op-ed in The Washington Post by three former Justice Department civil rights lawyers who said that Sessions "had no substantive involvement in any of" those cases.

Loretta Lynch, the current attorney general, refused to recuse herself from the Clinton email investigation during the campaign despite calls for her to do so because of a secret airplane meeting she had with Bill Clinton while the investigation was ongoing.

As security took them out of the room, they yelled, "you can't arrest me, I am white!" and "white people own this government!"

Jeff Sessions was nominated by Donald Trump to become the most senior law enforcement official in the USA after being the first sitting U.S. senator to endorse Trump for president in 2016.

In 1986, Mr Sessions was nominated by then-President Ronald Reagan to be appointed a federal judge, however his nomination was withdrawn later that year in light of racism accusations. The urgent challenge for members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, where two days of hearings on the nomination of Sen.

Civil liberties advocates have seized on Sessions' voting record and his appearances before groups that espouse harsh views on Muslims and immigrants. The backlash was immediate, with the NAACP issuing a statement accusing Sessions of carrying on "on an old, ugly legacy in this country's history when civil rights for African-Americans, women and minorities were not regarded as core American values".

The hearing will also likely include discussions about drug policy, immigration and the role of law enforcement in various communities, according to CBS News. The Senate Historian could find no previous case where a sitting senator testified against the confirmation of a colleague for a cabinet post, Booker's office said.

He was asked by Grassley if he could stand up to Trump if he disagreed with the president-elect's actions.

Republic leaders say despite the background checks not being finished, the process will move forward.

"I abhor the clan, and what it represents", he said, pointing out that he successfully prosecuted and sought the death penalty for a clansman that killed the black teenager Michael Donald in Alabama in 1981.

President-elect Trump plans to hold a press conference in NY on Wednesday, it will be his first since last July.