Apple Working on Smart Glasses With Carl Zeiss

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Scoble speculates that Apple wouldn't let Zeiss show any AR products at the show as part of its business arrangement.

Perhaps a tie up with Zeiss is not too bad at all, as a standalone system might not be Apple's cup of tea until they "master" the market in a sense.

Apple is allegedly partnering with Carl Zeiss on a pair of augmented reality glasses, according to a report from Robert Scoble.

On a July 26 conference call with analysts, Cook said he was bullish about augmented reality. One month earlier, Cook said that Augmented Reality is more intriguing than Virtual Reality because it allows people to talk to each other and see other information while remaining present in a conversation. The patent was envisioned to be a way of overlaying images over real-world viewable objects.

'We are high on AR for the long run.

This is not the first time that reports have hinted that Apple is working on a pair of smart glasses, which could be geared towards an Augmented Reality experience. "We think there are great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity". "But my own view is that augmented reality is the larger of the two, probably by far".

Apple has already filed several patents for AR with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It provides the user with information for navigation, to complete tasks and other purposes.

A report a year ago in Bloomberg suggested Apple is hoping to become the first firm to bring smart glasses to the mainstream.

Apple is said to have contacted suppliers about the project, which appears to be in the exploratory prototyping phase of development. The device being tested would connect wirelessly to the iPhone. CEO Tim Cook did mention of AR technology a few times, although Apple being Apple, has remained rather silent on the matter.

Apple has been struggling in recent years to make a mark in the technology industry with sales of its devices declining and fans being unimpressed with some of the company's recent products.