Testimony in Sam DuBose Case Resumes

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He added that Tensing planned to testify in his defense.

We now know why, on Day 2 of the trial, defense attorney Stew Mathews asked detailed questions to UCPD officers David Lindenschmidt and Phillip Kidd regarding officer uniforms. They say it doesn't show the entire struggle between the two men, doesn't show what the officer was seeing and is blurry and confusing. Instead, Pham elaborated on wear and tear which appeared on Tensing's uniform and shoes during a discussion as to whether it occurred on the day DuBose was shot. His body camera video was also shown, though he did not turn it on until approaching Tensing following the shooting.

Lt. Tim Barge, with University of Cincinnati Police Department, was the first to testify. "The only shot I could see that I could take to stop the threat was a head shot". "That's the only part of his body I could really see at that point and had a clear visual of", Tensing said. He said the 26-year-old Tensing acted contrary to police standards and the law when he shot 43-year-old Sam DuBose.

Tensing's attorney has said he feared for his life as DuBose tried to drive away, using his auto as "a weapon".

Also Thursday, Tensing was heard in his videotaped statement saying he didn't detect drugs or alcohol in DuBose's vehicle. The two were patrolling together on the day of the incident and heard Tensing radio dispatch that he was pulling over a auto that was "slow to stop".

Haug says typical training tells officers not to reach inside a vehicle. "And I hit him in the head with that round", Tensing said.

Fredericks played a brief audio clip and said he didn't hear any tires squeal. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said after court Thursday, "people in the heat of passion - you got a shooting going on and things happen fast - sometimes you just don't perceive things the way they were". Deters confirmed that a makeshift memorial to DuBose was removed from the scene before the visit to avoid influencing jurors.

After court, DuBose's sister, Terina Allen, said she was thankful after seeing the frame-by-frame video.

The testimony contradicted Tensing's statement to investigators that he was being dragged by the vehicle driven by Sam DuBose and that he feared for his life.