Mike Pence and Ted Cruz rally Michigan Republicans

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"This movement is coming together", Pence said.

He said that voters "have to remember the Gov. Pence and Sen".

At a Florida rally for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Obama noted that Rubio indicated this week that he has cast an early ballot for Republican Donald Trump. He also promised to elect Supreme Court justices who would interpret the Constitution similarly to Antonin Scalia.

"I'm here campaigning for Donald Trump, for Mike Pence".

For some supporters of Trump, his running mate Mike Pence's outward discussion of faith represents a contrast to the top of the GOP ticket.

He said that for eight years the country has seen the Obama administration kill small jobs and crush small businesses. "He is a fighter, he is a victor, and until very recently, it seemed he was out there fighting all on his own - but now this movement is coming together, New Mexico is coming together".

9&10's Cody Boyer was there all day and continues our Election 2016 coverage.

He said the Trump campaign has "used their resources and their time to pit us against each other and inflame anger". Trump must win the state to have a chance at collecting the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

Of the campaign, Pence said the national news media has been biased.

Cruz did not mention the GOP nominee once on stage during a Mike Pence rally at Bruere Farm, though the senator did, however, speak glowingly of the IN governor, calling Trump's running mate a friend and "a good man" who "loves this country". PolitiFact found that Clinton did fail to negotiate the agreement, which would have kept up to 10,000 US troops in Iraq.

"That's just what we're going to do with Obamacare!"

Pence also spoke about Trump's plan to "end illegal immigration once and for all".

"We are going to cut taxes across the board for working families", says Mike Pence.

Pence didn't speak about a rigged election and was more disciplined in his speech than Trump in previous rallies - something supporters of the campaign say they appreciate. "And I am sure that what he said is not meant out of hate".

He said the 90,000 people employed by the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, D.C., need to be placed on the U.S.

Pelted for more than half an hour by a light rain, Pence spoke to a crowd at an airport hangar filled to near its 500-person capacity.

"And when Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, we're going to put time honored principals into practice, and we're going to get MI growing again", he said. "We're going to let the power of the American free market lower the cost of health insurance".

That elicited chants of "Lock her up!"