Ronda Rousey Reveals She Plans To Retire From The UFC Soon

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"I'm wrapping it up.", she told USA talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday (01Nov16).

The 29-year-old superstar noted that it's more of the mental fatigue of the buildup to fights that is getting to her, not necessarily physical fatigue from fighting.

"Not that long. I'm wrapping it up". The former champion maintained that while this fight is likely to be one of her last, she's still aiming to put on a show. 'Everyone better watch because the show isn't going to be around forever'.

Rousey broke her long silence earlier today during another chat with Ellen DeGeneres and revealed to the world that she's already thinking about hanging up her gloves.

Ronda went on to explain that the buildup of a match is actually more tiring than the fight itself.

Rousey UFC 207 title shot will be among her last fights

Rousey's loss shocked many-herself included. Rousey admittedly struggled with the aura-shattering end to her championship run, and disappeared from the spotlight.

As the fighter who's done more than anyone else to help gain mainstream acceptance for what many once regarded as a fringe bloodsport, Rousey is invaluable to the UFC brand.

Ronda began discussing how she trains twice a day in preparation of her next fight. There is also the long list of obligations outside the cage to promote a fight, something she has been particularly adept at since bursting on to the scene.

DeGeneres laughed and congratulated Rousey, who said she was going to frame it.

Then she got knocked out by Holly Holm to lose her UFC bantamweight title. "The events feature two tentpole athletes for PPV in Rousey and McGregor - the two are by far the biggest UFC PPV stars - and the crossover appeal that Ronda has you can't overstate". She will fight bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes on December 30.