Meet New Voiptime Product - Predictive Dialer Release Is Coming

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On September 21, 2016, Voiptime Software Development Company announced the upcoming release of online Predictive Dialer solution.

The module will be released after Lead Management System launch. The new smart dialing solution is aimed to help contact centers to reach highest outbound call rates.

Voiptime Cloud Predictive Dialer Advantages

The innovative Predictive Dialer software will help to improve contact center performance by 70%. It will offer flexible script construction, lead actions history, suitable Iframe, API availability, WebRTC and possibility to buy SIP numbers.

The Voiptime smart dialer will be a SaaS solution, accessible everywhere with access to internet connection.

Different Dialing Modes

The dialer will enable contact centers to use different outbound dialing modes: Predictive, Power, Progressive, Preview.

Predictive mode is the most effective in extremely high volume low margin outbound call centers.

Power mode is designed for telemarketing campaigns and other types of calls.

Progressive mode is useful for contact centers willing to improve the productivity and helps to shorten operator waiting time between calls.

Voiptime Cloud Predictive Dialer will be particularly useful for call center managers. They will be able to create campaigns, edit them and change the dialing mode.

Powerful Analytical Tools

Predictive Dialer CRM will offer modern reporting and analytical system. Reports will be easy to create and will help the overall contact center performance. Supervisors and managers will be able to generate Agent Report to track agents’ statistics. Campaign analytics will be able to retrieve information about certain campaign. There will be also a possibility to create other types of reports and to see the scenario data and lead statuses. For more information please visit

About Voiptime

Voiptime is a leading software development company. Its mission is to help sales representatives to manage leads easier. Predictive Dialer for small business and medium business will be perfect for companies, focused on sales by phone.

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