Who gets the largest jackpots?

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What do you think? Who often wins the largest amount in a Las Vegas casino or live casino online? Are they all experienced professionals? Nope, it is a wrong answer: in the most cases, jackpots win ordinary people. So, take your chances and play live games.

Las Vegas casino is deservedly considered as the capital of all gambling world. Every day a lot of people are trying to catch their luck there. Some of them more successful in poker or blackjack, and some like slots. Anyway, from time to time someone becomes the owner of the jackpot in 7 million dollars in live casino.

The biggest jackpot (40 million dollars) that somebody could ever win in Las Vegas received 25-year-old boy. He came to the city as the part of his basketball team, for the competition. And he chose to spend his free time by going to the casino. Luck smiled at him: he became a millionaire.

Speaking of the lucky ones who managed to win a big jackpot, it is worth mentioning the 92-year-old Elmer Sherwin. He was able to win a large sum twice! And it was even before the live casinos. And the second prize in the amount of 21 million dollars he donated to victims of Hurricane Katrina in the United States, and with his first jackpot (4.6 million dollars) he went in the world trip with his girlfriend. Probably they remembered this trip forever.

It is also worth mentioning Amy Nishimura: this woman went on vacation in Las Vegas and won during the holidays 9 million dollars. Now she has her vacation every day in a year.

In fact, there are many stories about people who have returned from Las Vegas with a decent amount of money. Even if it was not tens of millions, they still mean a lot to people. So, Brenda J. somehow won 600 thousand dollars and was able to open her own business. It is not important how much you have earned in the live casino; the most important is to stop when you feel that enough is enough. Stay positive. You will always be able to come back to the game. Just don’t turn this fun time into the addiction.