Pokemon Go Will Age Quickly, Unless…

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Senator Al Franken has written to Niantic, the company behind the wildly popular smartphone game, with a list of questions about how it is collecting and using user data.

Surprisingly, the maximum search queries were found to be originating from countries like the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Canada and El Salvador, along with regions like the US, Australia and New Zealand, where the game has been officially released.

Niantic promised it will not use this supreme access of personal information and said it has started working on a fix to reduce the user permission needed to play the game. The links given below will allow you to download the game. You can now download the app on the United Kingdom iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Nintendo, a company that owns 33% of Pokemon but is only indirectly linked with Pokemon Go, has seen its shares jump to a level not seen since 1983 - when the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was first released.

In the short time since Pokemon GO was launched, it has quickly spread in popularity, seemingly taking over the entire world.

The Pokemon franchise began in 1996 as a pair of video games for Nintendo's GameBoy and also spawned an anime series and films.

The UK's children charity expressed concerned following some (rare) cases of the game being used for nefarious means, including robbers using the game to lure victims, and in one case people wandering into a sex shop in Plymouth. For example, The Washington Post reported that the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. has been designated a Poke Stop on the game, which does not sit well with museum officials, who are now trying to get the museum excluded from Pokemon Go.

Re-open Pokemon Go app on your iOS or Android device and log in with your Google account as normal.

New stats have revealed that Pokemon Go is getting more daily user engagement compared to popular mobile apps like Facebook and Twitter. The game involves exploring the real world via "augmented reality" to collect Pokemon you can upgrade and battle. The latest app version 0.29.2 can already be downloaded and updated in Play Store.