Trump (almost) ready to announce VP pick; Pence the favorite

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Republican Donald Trump told Republican officials on Thursday he has picked Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate, a Republican source said, choosing a conservative with the potential to unify divided Republicans.

Trump said that the official announcement will come Friday at 11:00 New York City. A Trump-Pence ticket would quash any expectation that the NY businessman might soften that stance heading into the November 8 election.

Pence is seen as a safe political option for Trump, who also considered candidates who mirror his big personality such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. I think he is someone who has connected with everyday Americans like no one since Ronald Reagan.

Pence is running for re-election, but IN law prevents him from seeking two offices at once.

CNN is reporting that Donald Trump has chosen Pence to be his running mate. The 73-year-old would be the oldest candidate ever to become vice president. He's a more cautious, less-flashy choice over Gingrich and Christie. He won't run the risk of overshadowing Trump and could help him appeal to disaffected conservatives and evangelical voters.

"Governor Pence has been a vocal opponent of the administration's Clean Power Plan", said Laura Sheehan, spokeswoman for the Washington-based lobby group American Council on Clean Coal Electricity. Before entering politics, he was a conservative talk radio host and hosted a Sunday political TV show in Indianapolis. Ivanka's view unclear. Manafort for Pence. When he took office, the state's jobless rate was at 20 percent, per CNBC; it has now fallen to 5 percent.

The decision represents an attempt to unite the Republican party and bring political experience to the businessman's campaign. Many state businesses - including the NCAA, which was readying to hold the Final Four there - said they reconsidered deals and investments. Although he was popular early in his tenure, Pence's approval rating suffered in the year since he signed the contentious Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Ryan tells reporters Thursday, "I hope that he picks a good movement conservative".

This official added that Pence has until noon on Friday to decide whether or not to pull his name off the ballot as governor - something he'd have to do in order to run as Trump VP, because of in law. He endorsed Trump shortly after he won his state - a win that effectively ended the GOP primary after Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich dropped out.

Who Is He? Originally from Columbus, Indiana, the Republican Governor was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and served as Chairman of the House Republican conference and Chairman of the Republican Study Committee. And MSNBC's on-screen graphic said Trump "could" select Pence.

But overdoing it in Trump's support, he warned, risks making the gathering look like a "personality cult". But I'm going to announce it tomorrow at eleven, Michael.

Unlike Christie and Gingrich, Pence has not been allotted time to speak at the convention.

Republicans can replace him on the ballot.