Egypt Offers To Oversee Negotiations Between Israel And The PA

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Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry will arrived Israel on Sunday afternoon for a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli leader confirmed Sunday.

Shoukry is acting on Sisi's wish to be a mediator between Israel and the PA. In Sisi's impromptu and unusual foreign policy speech in May, he said "we will achieve a warmer peace if we resolve the issue of our Palestinian brothers", and he asked the Israeli leadership to broadcast his words throughout its country.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri on Monday to help free Israelis held in the Gaza Strip, reported.

He said the current lack of process towards peace was "neither stable nor sustainable", and stressed the need for "serious steps to build confidence" toward the two-state vision.

After Israel and Turkey ended a six-year rift last month and said they would start talks on energy supplies, Netanyahu publicly sent a message of reassurance to El-Sisi.

Mr. Netanyahu asked the Palestinians to follow the example of Egypt and Jordan, both of which have peace treaties with Israel, and join them for direct negotiations. The initiative gave full recognition of Israel, only if it gave up the land seized in the Middle East war of 1967 and agreed to a solution for Palestinian refugees.

But the Israeli premier said the donation of $40,000 (£30,800) from Mimran was lawful because he received it while he held no office. The two countries share intelligence in a common fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) operating in Egypt's Sinai desert.

Sisi presented the Arab peace initiative of 2002 as a way ahead.

"It is no longer acceptable to claim that the status quo is the most that we can achieve".

Palestinians say Israeli settlement construction is an obstacle to peace.

"As happened in all previous instances, when deeds attributed to Prime Minister Netanyahu turned out to be baseless, here as well there will be nothing, because there is nothing", said Nir Hefetz, an adviser to the Netanyahu family.

Shoukry's visit was orchestrated by Netanyahu's confidant Isaac Molcho, who traveled to Egypt in recent weeks and met with Egyptian officials, the Ha'aretz daily reported.

The settlers live in the heart of a Palestinian area and are protected by thousands of Israeli soldiers, while local Palestinians endure restricted movement due to the military checkpoints in and around Hebron's historic Old City.

Mr Shoukry said the situation in the Middle East was "becoming ever more volatile and unsafe, particularly as the phenomenon of terrorism continues to grow and proliferate, representing an existential threat to the peoples of the region and the world at large".