Tesla under investigation by SEC after fatal crash involving autopilot

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On Sunday, the Tesla CEO tweeted that he is working on a follow-up for his original vision for Tesla, titled the "Top Secret Tesla Masterplan, Part 2", and said he hopes to publish it later this week. It is therefore quite possible that an incident involving the company's autopilot feature, a system created to keep the vehicle in its lane without human intervention when traveling on highways, could have an oversized impact on future sales if it causes consumers to question Tesla's technical expertise. A former SEC attorney told the paper he was "very skeptical" that a court would find Tesla in the wrong, given that the carmaker's stock bounced back very quickly after news of the crash broke.

Notably, considering that the stock is down just 1% in after-hours trading following WSJ's report, investors don't seem to be too concerned about the news. He responded it was "not material to the value of Tesla".

According to Electrek, the incident was made public by a friend of the owner who provided a brief description of the accident along with photos on the Tesla Motors Club Website.

A post on Tesla's official blog from June 30th acknowledges the incident publicly.

Musk's first 'master plan, ' of course, is the now famous 2006 blog post where Musk laid out his plans for the company.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation of the deadly Florida crash.

Lawyers for the family of Brown said they are investigating the circumstances of the crash, and awaiting conclusions from police and federal agencies. In that particular plan, Musk called for Tesla to "build sports vehicle", "use that money to build an affordable auto", "use that money to build an even more affordable car" and "provide zero-emission electric-power-generation options".

The probes related to Autopilot come at a time when Musk and his high-flying company face pressure on several fronts.

And a Tesla proposal announced last month to acquire the solar energy company SolarCity, co-founded by two of Musk's cousins and chaired by Musk, has also been criticized in light of Tesla's and SolarCity's huge debts.

At the same time, Tesla is struggling to meet its targets for building and delivering its Model S sedans and Model X sport utilities.

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