Online casinos gave Delaware the record amount

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Delaware Casino received the record revenue in May thanks to the online gambling. And they are even not the best online casino sites.

Three casinos in Delaware, USA, in April broke the record for revenues from online gambling at the mobile casinos, earning $ 282.1 thousand. This was reported in its monthly report on income by the Delaware State Lottery.

"Revenues from online gambling in the state increased by 5.3% compared to April 2015 and by 111% in comparison with May 2015", the official report says.

Income of the Delaware Park Casino in May amounted to $ 133.9 thousand, which is 13.5% less than April's revenue and 82.7% more than the income received by a casino in May 2015.

Casino Dover Downs earned $ 118.2 thousand. This amount is 32% higher than the income in April and almost three times higher than the income in May 2015.

Harrington Casino received $ 30 thousand from online gambling in May. This is 31% less than April's revenue and 44.5% more revenue in May last year.

Board games at the online casinos have brought to the institutions of state 40% less income compared with April -$ 54.2 thousand. The income from video lottery grew by 31% compared to the April-income - to $ 187.5 thousand. An online poker has brought the state institutions $ 40. 3 thousand, it is 16% more than in April.

April's revenue from online gambling in Delaware was $ 267.8 thousand.

Revenues from online gambling in Delaware in March exceeded $ 260 thousand. This can only mean one thing – the economic situation is getting worse, attracting more online players to gain extra money. Another conclusion that can be made from this situation is that people begin to trust to online casinos more and give their money more willingly, expecting to receive an honest game from them.