Carla Romera photos: French lifeguard serenaded by Irish fans goes viral

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There have been many, many viral videos involving Irish fans over the last week or so and one of the most popular saw a young French woman being serenaded en masse. However, it is only after seeing this group of Ireland fans singing sweet lullabies to a baby in France that it is now a fact that Irish men are the best in the world.

So smitten have fans and viewers have become, the video in which Romera appeared had amassed more than a million hits in hours upon its release.

Romera went along with the crowd's enthusiastic renditions of Can't take my eyes off you and Hey baby, drinking a beer with a smile on her face.

"Romera captured some of the Magical" experience on video.

"I want to say that I am very proud of the Irish, it was a magical time filled with kindness and joy", she told MailOnline.

Surprisingly the incident came to happen despite Ireland's defeat to Belgium, 3-0.

In the end, the girl exchanged a peck on the cheek with one of the fans.

Carla, who works as a lifeguard, was so overwhelmed by the scene she filmed the crowd on her phone.