You'll soon be able to buy Microsoft's games on Steam

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Microsoft is obviously keen to push its own Windows Store as hard as possible, but when it comes to games, the company is planning to put future titles on Steam. In it, Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, had stated that upcoming games like Forza would be arriving on the PC in its complete version.

While some of Microsoft's older game titles, such as Age of Empires II HD (a 2013 update of a 1999 game) are found on Valve's Steam platform, its latest high-profile titles, such as Forza 6 Apex and Quantum Break, are exclusive to the Windows Store.

Based on this, it sounded like Microsoft had plans to bring most, if not all, their first-party titles onto the PC. "It's a massive force in gaming; a positive force". I think it will be bigger a year from now than it is today. "They're doing incredibly well", he added.

However, there was no indication given as to which games will be given the Steam treatment - as you'd expect at this point.


Spencer has announced, however, that "I want to build a store, there's no doubt about it", thus reiterating once again that Microsoft wants to have its own store to ship apps and games directly to users. "Some of them have gone well", he said of their four UWP Windows 10 releases to date. We have to agree that the graphics are not as awesome as the games that have been released in 2015-2016, but we are sure that there are good amounts of gamers who will still want to play them on their Xbox One console. "Gears of War Ultimate Edition was OK-we definitely learned there".