Interesting facts about casino

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Did you know that most gambling establishments, which are working nowadays, do not have windows and clocks? This method is used to ignite the passion in visitors: without knowing the right time, customers are starting to play night long. At the same time, the absence of windows and clocks increases the degree of confidence for visitors to the gambling casino, creating an atmosphere of security and comfort.

Irishman Phil Laak has been updated the record of the Guinness Book of Records. He sat at a poker game table during 90 hours. This is 18 hours ahead of the previous record, set by Larry Holmstedom. The most amazing thing is that this real fan of poker managed to win almost 7 thousand dollars. Thus, he received $ 1,800 per day of the game. Formally, the player sat at the table more than 100 hours, but judges did not count the time when he took some rest, which gave this final result. And if you are still looking perfect casino, real money can be made in the online gambling establishment where you can sit whenever you want.

Casino chips have slightly beveled edges. This feature was made for a dealer who can easily gather them during the game.

Today’s heaven for all casino fans is Las Vegas. Every year almost 50 million players from across the world arrive in this gambling Mecca. And it is an unofficial legend that is telling from one gambler to another in Las Vegas. According to this legend you can feel fragrance in the air inside the best casino. For some casinos it is the flavor of coconut, for other it is an old-fashioned women's perfume. Staff usually replies that they don’t know anything about fragrance. Although, it is not really true. Visiting the site of Aroma Systems Inc., you can see that they help many casinos, which are their regular customers.