Miesha Tate to fight Ronda Rousey, Dana White confirms

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White fears were recognized, because Tate spoiled all plans with one of the most remarkable come-from-behind performances to occur inside the Octagon when she rallied from a late-fight deficit to choke Holm out cold in the fifth round and capture the women's 135-pound title. That sense of urgency paid dividends, because "Cupcake" was behind 38-37 on all three cageside judges' scorecards heading into the final frame. In her two previous bouts with Tate, she triumphed on both occasions via armbar.

It was a battle between two fighters with boxing and wrestling specialties respectively, and in the end Tate's ferocious ground and pound grappling earned her the victory with a fifth round submission. Holm, meanwhile, won rounds one, three and four by identical 10-9 counts. "She went out like a champion".

Miesha Tate had a huge moment in Round 2 of her title shot at Holly Holm.

Suggestion to Tate: Say thanks, but no thanks. Holm agreed to take on Tate, the very definition of a risky matchup for less experienced fighters.

After losing the first round, Tate did the one thing she needed to do to win - take the fight to the mat. I thought I had to be like a pit bull with a bone [with the choke].

According to White, Ronda Rousey didn't know the result of the fight when he texted her about it. Also, while he bloodied Diaz's face, he couldn't stop the larger man from coming forward relentlessly before stopping him with a rear naked choke in the second round.

- White suggests that McGregor was running out of steam in the second round, noting that fighting someone who's bigger than you while you're also carrying more weight than normal and going all out for a finish, that, "It's tiring".