Arizona insider: Hillary Clinton's Nevada win all but locks up Democratic nomination

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In her victory speech, Mrs. Clinton devoted her campaign to "hotel and casino workers who never wavered" and "the thousands of men and women with kids to raise, bills to pay and dreams that won't die".

"We haven't even focused on, I mean here's a guy who's a - they say socialist, but some people say he's a communist", Trump continued. "It is clear to me that the wind is at our backs".

"The truth is that for a campaign that started out as a fringe campaign at 3 percent in the polls we have enormous momentum", Sanders told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Clinton pulled ahead of Sanders late Monday, when she eked out the final delegate from Saturday's Nevada caucuses, giving her a total of 52 caucus and primary delegates.

After the Nevada caucus Tuesday, Cruz and Rubio head to Texas Wednesday, and Trump, John Kasich and Ben Carson will join them in Houston Thursday for the next debate.

"Much like the margin that Bernie Sanders had going into New Hampshire was hard to whittle away at, so the margin she has here is pretty substantial", commented Brady Quirk-Garvan, chairman of the Charleston County Democratic Party.

Clinton has now won two of the first three 2016 votes.

The wait is over in SC and Nevada.

By those numbers, Clinton won 74 percent of the support of voters 65 and older, as well as 61 percent among people 45 to 64.

As for Tuesday's Republican Nevada caucuses, Lokken projects a win for Donald Trump.

He has acknowledged that while his insurgent campaign has made strides, "at the end of the day... you need delegates". The rest are apportioned based on who wins in each of South Carolina's seven congressional districts.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a South Carolina Republican primary night event, Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016 in Spartanburg, S.C.

Following the vote, Bush gave an emotional statement, saying, "the presidency is bigger than any one person". Clinton's team, who hired Obama's former aides to run their delegate effort, hopes to copy his strategy this spring by parlaying their strength with African-American voters into a string of wins in SC, on February 27, and the southern contests that follow on March 1. His fourth place finish was far from what he expected. Conditions may yet change, but she's favored to do well in South Carolina's primary next week, and there's some polling that suggests she's well positioned to win most of the March 1 primaries soon after.

Austen High, executive director of the Wake County Democratic Party, said it is especially important for Clinton and other Democratic candidates to campaign in North Carolina because of the state's new voter ID law and the issues with redistricting.