The 10 Super Bowl ads people are already sharing like insane

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The Super Bowl 50 Ads tone it down again quite a bit and there is not a lot of skin in the released Super Bowl 2016 ads.

These ads are costing advertisers over five million dollars for each 30 second spot.

Typically, Fiat Chrysler likes to debut commercials that are 60 seconds or longer during the Super Bowl.

Ryan Reynolds, star of the upcoming action movie "Deadpool", appears in a Hyundai auto ad. Actor Christopher Walken pops up in a Kia commercial, while tennis superstar Serena Williams peddles Mini Coopers.

Rapper Drake charms for the T-Mobile phone service, and rocker Steven Tyler promotes Skittles sweets.

It doesn't hurt that two of the NFL's most popular pitchmen, Denver quarterback Peyton Manning and Carolina quarterback Cam Newton, are playing in Super Bowl 50. The ad was remade in 2011 in honor of the 10th anniversary of the attacks. 45 percent consider the game itself the most important aspect.