Mountain Dew's Puppy Monkey Baby Commercial Scares Super Bowl Viewers

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The Super Bowl brings out the best and worst of brands, and this year is no exception. If the game isn't entertaining enough, the commercials should be. In order to answer that question, the ads need to be measured by a standard form of survey and The USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter is just the thing for that.

YouTube created the AdBlitz program nine years from now so users could watch some teasers before the game and the ads themselves as they got released during the game.

Budweiser opted to go the humorous route by having Oscar-winner Helen Mirren hurl a string of insults at would-be drunk drivers. In fact, as I was watching it I was thinking this was the ad of the game.

Number two overall was Heinz Ketchup's "Wiener Stampede", which accounted for 7.23% of the online activity with 5M online views and 668K social actions (from a $4.9M estimated ad spend).

The Zifaxan ad was more cerebral; in it, a cartoon pile of pink intestines travels to a big football game, only to face a sudden urge to, well, go. That's because advertising for the Super Bowl has changed. "I thought it was different because they used different characters to define the auto", Sims said. I've never seen a good one. "Hopefully next year they'll be better, as far as the funny ones". There were singing groups of children conceived on past Super Bowl nights.

The ad's timing may raise eyebrows. It's very easy to criticize Super Bowl ads, because the expectations are so high. The Audi "Star-man" ad was also a hit in my book because it had an engaging story line that took us empathetically from downtrodden to exhilarated in a few seconds. "At the end of day watching Super Bowl, it's a sporting event, you're with friends".

"Estimates show that over 50 percent of Super Bowl viewers are only there to watch the commercials-not the game", said George Washington University School of Business Professor of Marketing Lynda Maddox. Nearly half of advertisers incorporated laughs into their ads, resulting in funny moments such Willem Dafoe recreating Marilyn Monroe's famed "Seven Year Itch" skirt-blow scene and a baby in utero trying to grab dad's Doritos.

I'll admit, when this commercial first started I wasn't a huge fan.


The low-risk approach may have been a reaction to previous year, when Nationwide Mutual Insurance drew heat for featuring a dead boy speaking to viewers in an ad about child safety. Whether it's Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, or the zebra under the hood while a couple of cowboys look on, we all have our favorites.