Microsoft Will Now Share More Details About What's in Windows 10 Updates

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Even though it's unclear when the next version of Windows 10 Mobile will hit Insiders, at least we know Microsoft is working hard on various builds that might or might not be released to Lumia users. In response to this feedback, we're providing more details about the Windows 10 updates we deliver through Windows Update.

"After listening to feedback regarding the level of disclosure for Windows 10 updates, we made a decision to implement a new system for communicating updates to the operating system", a Microsoft representative told me.

The new site will include changelogs for each new update, along with details on when the update was released and what the update was called via Windows Update.

The update history does help inform those people trying to track and find fixes for Windows 10 problems.

However, Microsoft switched its approach with Windows 10, offering scant or no information. The update that arrives for an organization will depend on which service branch they are using.

For instance, the first bullet states that Microsoft "fixed issues with authentication, update installation, and operating system installation", although no other details are provided.

If you work for a large company, your system administrators are likely monitoring these updates, so Windows 10 won't automatically download without their OK. It will update these Windows 10 systems to build 10240.16682. By then, it might be time for a new computer anyway.

Microsoft's update history page also provides a bulleted list of improvements that come with this update, although it, too, contains limited information.