Steve Harvey jokes with who could be worst 'Family Feud' contestants ever

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If there is one universal truth that can’t be disputed, it is this: Sheila does not care about points. Sheila, of house Patterson, seemed stymied when host Steve Harvey asked her what term people might use to say "mother". Her teammate Cecilia suggested "nana" so Sheila guessed "nana" too.

The comedian told HuffPost he's going to upload the full version to his website, but in the meantime, survey says this is amazing. She tried it again, pronouncing it a different way. Steve Harvey has had a rough couple of weeks after the whole Miss Universe fiasco, but it wasn't him making the mistakes on-air this time. Then it was Sheila's turn.

However, one of the participants mightily struggled with the question, earning the sympathy of Harvey who allowed her to fire away numerous responses to no avail. Harvey mercifully gave the team its third strike and moved on, perhaps wondering what he ever did to deserve such an exchange. Warning: video contains some mild profanity.


Family Feud is a game show that's always lent itself to yelling at the screen.