Paul Rudd Vs. Stephen Hawking In Quantum Chess Hosted By Keanu Reeves

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Rudd gets a hold of Hawking by asking "Siri" to "Call Stephen Hawking".

Quantum Chess is regular chess with pieces and the board infused with the unpredictable nature of quantum mechanics. It's a comeback for the ages. The event tribute to the legacy of the late Caltech physicist Richard Feynman, who received the Nobel Prize in physics 50 years ago.

On Tuesday, Caltech's Institute for Quantum Information and Matter hosted "One Entangled Evening", a celebration of quantum science's past, present, and future.

Perhaps, though, it soon will be.

Anyone up for a game of quantum chess?

Very high-minded stuff. The highlight of the evening, however, was a video short entitled "Anyone Can Quantum". The superposition principle says that any arbitrary wave function is equal to some specific combination of states.

You know that thing where your science-minded friend - the kind who studies physics or mathematics and wouldn't be completely out of place in a turtleneck - cracks a joke that no one understands?

A new video, above, of the two squaring off in a match is a hoot. If you attack one of those squares with another piece, you're determining how much (what probability) of the particle is in that square.